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and texture and color of san francisco. so, all of us can stop looking at the death of george moscone and start to put him firmly in our hearts so we can see the likes of him in new community leaders, young artists, queer and colorful, innovators and students, all inside our magnificently and uniquely diverse and never-changing city. san francisco will never be what it was, nothing in life will be. but as i heard recently, we are always nostalgic for a time that never was and often wanting to avoid a future that is inevitable. will change in san francisco as in everywhere is inevitable. and change can be beautiful. we are all of us the agents of change. as george and harvey were. each one of us is the story teller of our lives and the lives of the people we've lost. and that wasn't always the case, as willie mentioned. but because of the likes of george and harvey and so many others, all the way to our mayor ed lee, all of us have voice. all of us can tell the story. so, let's crowd source this thing. let's tell the real stories of george and harvey. stories of their hard work and pol
recording of "i left my heart in san francisco." and then the character of george, sometimes mouthing the words, sometimes singing them quietly, moves towards john without looking, for he cannot look at his son. and he touches john's heart and then he moves away towards the city hall of john's memory and john set the stairs in the way that george did, cocky and sexy, cruel as all get out. and then the song ends. and i notice the woman sitting next to me crying. and after the play is over, after the standing ovation of tony's brave and beautiful play, as people start to leave the theater, this woman, she remains in her chair and it seems she cannot move. i gently asked her if she's all right. and she nods. and she says without looking at me because she couldn't look at me, "i got to see my mayor again." so, maybe through art we can see again. about a month ago i braved going to the sf moment to check out the infamous bust of my dad and all i could remember growing up were the images of that controversial pedestal of gunshots and twinkies and don't think i didn't smile when i h
san francisco home. they are digging for clues in the cold case of 10 year-old kevin collins who went missing almost 30 years ago. >> good morning it is wind's aim anny hong . >> i am james. it was back in 1984 when 10 year-old kevin collins went missing. he was last seen leaving basketball practice at st. agnes school in the haight . >> we have a map that shows the important location the story. after living say agnes school cannon was last seen at a bus stop on oak street and masonic. the bones that police on earth are located in a home on masonic near page street. we've since learned of the maize appear to have belonged to an animal and are not human although investigators say more testing needs to be done. kron 4 spoke to kevin collins mother over the phone. she shared her thoughts. moments after the police told her about initial search at a home. >> i have been numb that is all i can say. it is hurtful to see them at that age especially my son who was a year older than kevin. he is the same size as kevin was. i can look at him and say that is how can unlooked. >> it all comes up.
valuables. it's another in a series of crimes targeting the chinese community in san francisco. police say the victim in the video lost nearly $50. the crooks convinced the victims that they are cursed and can only get it lifted if they pay up. >>> autopsies are planned today for a mother and daughter found dead in the sierra foothills. dive teams found the body of 46- year-old karen anderson and her 5-year-old daughter in a frozen- over pond near their home in amedure county yesterday. authorities had been at the home several times this week after neighbors reported the residents had not been seen. ' family friend says the 5-year- old victim was an outgoing child. >> she just went out and she would grab another kid and just show him the ropes and have fun with them and she would just -- very happy kid. >> divers searched the pond where the bodies were found after a neighbor reported seeing a hole in the ice in amador county. >>> we have confounded the critics and now california is back from the brink. those words from governor jerry brown during an enth
in the traffic department. no hot spots. a quiet ride. just a handful of cars out of oakland into san francisco. >> for those of you heading to the senate failed original overnight road work to talk about. clear conditions coming down the nimitz freeway. >> here is your golden gate bridge ride south bound 101 a lot of space between cars and speed of over 50 mi. per hour. james. >> thank you erica. >> an update on the attempt the kidnapping reported in san jose. police say it was all a hoax according to investigators the mother committed to making up the story. she told police a man tried to wrestle or three year old daughter out of our arms while in front of our house. officers say it was not long before they knew something was not right. >> we needed to bring the mother into the police department to read interview her there were some things that were not right as a result of the interview. we agree in to view the mother and she admitted the entire story was a fabrication. we opened an active criminal investigation on her. we will discuss the case with the district attorney's office. we are hop
so, long live harvey milk and long live george moscone and long live san francisco. [cheering and applauding] >> thank you very much, assemblyman ammiano. i am now going to introduce jonathan moscone, who is the youngest son of mayor moscone who was really just a young teenager at the time his father was assassinated. jonathan, i've heard you speak before. you're always so inspirational. so, i turn it over to you. thank you so much. (applause) >> thanks. i apologize, i had to write my speech so i was running out of time and i'm sorry that i directed such a bad production of wizard of oz for you at the turtle creek round in dallas. maybe you'll forgive me one day. listen, on behalf of my family gina and rebecca and jennifer and christopher, i want to thank you for inviting us to speak today. and although i am the only member of the family to speak today, i'm not speaking on their behalf. the truth is i just like to talk. [laughter] >> in fact, as i am happy to see so many people here as i do, as the comedian paula said, even if you weren't here, i'd still be up here talking. bu
in san francisco's tender loin district. the woman was looking for a cellphone in her car. a man walked up and demanded money. she pocket-checked her and got only a few dollars. the woman says her 12-year-old dog was in the car and barked at the suspect. >> she didn't have enough money. so he took her dog, lifted it over his lead, and hurled it into moving traffic. >> reporter: the dog died. support for the woman has been pouring in. a few people even offered her a new dog. but she's not ready to move on. she treated her like her child. >> in time. i'm grieving. >> reporter: she posted the surveillance footage on a facebook page. the african american man is about 6'1", lean and clean shaven. >> we're going to get you. >> reporter: the victim hopes people who realize the name will call san francisco police. there is a $3,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. >>> the fiscal cliff debate is over. for now. as wyatt andrews explains , it's packed with what many would call good old fashioned pork. >> reporter: the law passed so quickly, many in congress never realized it was full
it back in 1984. police in san francisco have begun a massive search with teacher, friends and searching for the fourth greater amount. >> pictures and posters will be put out. his younger brother fears the neighborhood. >> word of to his possible kidnapping has affected the children in the area. i heard about it on the radio. >> what do you think about that. >> i'm not going to wait at night. i wait only if a grownup is with me. >> tonight that cold case is heating up. police spent the day digging at a house ablock away from where the boy was last seen. don knapp is at that house. >> you recall many of us who cover that story recall the first big story of a missing child we would cover and many came after that. after many tremendous. >> police are not saying why they are newed the search. cadaver dogs indicated there were bones in a garage. >> the concrete was removed and several bohns were -- bones were located. the medical examiners did respond to evaluate the bones, at this time under investigation it's determined the bones are bel
with in the coming weeks. >>> deadly high speed crash in san francisco outside of a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. it happened yesterday morning police with guns drawn as you can see there moved in on the unidentified subjects car. the suspect was arrested and being treated for minor injuries. they did find a gun inside that car. minutes before that arrest, the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and vaness. and surveillance video captured that crash as it happened. this all started with an earlier short of shots fired. police later pulled that driver over. but they say the driver sped away. >> he is now responsible for the deaths of at least two people. the third in life threatening condition. >> a 26-year-old pedestrian who was walk into that liquor store died at the scene. there was two people in the toyota. the driver suffered life threatening injuries. >>> our time 5:05. sal is back. he knows all about our commute. it is a cold, cold morning. >> you know what happens, dave and claudine, when it's so cold we
to report right now as you work your way out of marin county into san francisco. they did do the lane changes just a little while ago and you can see, traffic is free- flowing as you work your way in both directions through there. caltrans just wrapped up some construction as you work your way westbound 80 between central and powell. all lanes open traffic clear towards the bay bridge toll plaza. still a couple of hot spots in the south bay. we have southbound 280 connector to northbound 85. that will be closed until 6:00. also eastbound 237 that's closed at least to southbound 880 -- that will be there until 6:00. let's go back to michelle griego in new orleans. >> it's note all about football and partying in new orleans. nope. a couple of santa clara police officers are actually making their way into town to learn a little something from the department here. and cbs 5 reporter cate caugiran is in our newsroom with more on that. good morning. >> reporter: actually, michelle, i have moved over to santa clara. it's going to be the new home to the 4
. here is a live look outside in san francisco. marty and janu are in the weather center right now. >> it is freezing in a novato at 32 degrees. it has just been cold and we will continue to see these cold conditions. even though the sky is clear you do not want to be deceived. you should still carry your jacket. into the evening we will have clear conditions. taking a look at the watches and warnings. the pink on the screen indicates to the there is a freeze on watch. this will not expire to about tomorrow morning. the lowe's will be in the low 20s. it will be upper 40's for half moon bay. we will see low 50s and there. it will be 51 degrees for santa rosa. we will talk more about the temperatures. >> the other big story of a day, could also feel the chill. game day has finally arrived for a san francisco 49ers fans. the team will face off today against the green bay packers in a playoff matchup. let's go live now to mike pelton who is live at candlestick park periods >> i do not think the weather will stop the fans from coming. it was a stretch and it seemed like the packers and
the coast, there is some by san francisco, i mean there is some really mild temperatures and it will be a day of high clouds. it looks like that antioch temperature 41 on a 46 novato 31 and not far away and i have seen some lower 30s and officially 38 in san francisco, and these temperatures are come up a long way in the last four to six days. it is the system to the south which is warmer and i think we will start to see more of a southerly breeze and there is a lot of high clouds slowly working their way in. a little haze on the edges and especially by the coast but right now we have the component of an offshore breeze. 60 on the temperatures a lot of high clouds to the north and it looks like we will get another one. timing is iffy but i would say warmer weather will return on sunday. >>> they reverse the decision and the uproar is stopping. >>> and it is caught on tape, how three people were able to escape after the suspect opened fire. >>> the movie is coming to the big screen and it is causing a big buzz in hollywood. . >>> the move comes after pressure after the san
francisco. south 101 in san mateo at third avenue there is road construction, as well. various lanes blocked at least until 6 a.m. no major delays through there. also, eastbound 237 connector to 880 look out for roadwork. overall it's a nice ride in the south bay. frank. >> thank you. >>> there may be some new clues in a cold case in san francisco. police spent hours yesterday digging in a house just a block from where a 10-year-old boy was last seen some 29 years ago. cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is in the haight-ashbury neighborhood with the renewed search now for kevin collins. here on masonic and page things are back to normal. there were bones found in the duplex here behind me but the preliminary assessment is that those were animal bones. further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was last seen a block from here at a bus stop on oak street on the way home from basketball practice at saint agnes school in 1984. witnesses at the time say he was pushed into a car with two teenager with mohawks. police aren't saying why they are r
this afternoon in san francisco. all of the heavy hitters from sacramento were there with officials. >> governor brown came to tout an area of collaborations between legislature and uc system. >> is there is broad agreement here today that the state can no longer be relied on for funding as it has been in the past. doesn't that mean privatization? no. they say, but no one knows yet what the new model will look like. >> month one missed an opportunity and the budget influgs to prevent under graduate tuition increase kreess. no one missed an opportunity model has to be figured out going forward. brown boiled it down to too much spending, and a financial model that has to be overhauled in order for uc not just to survive, but thrive. there are no answers or solutions today, just a lot of talk about how this is a new era where legislature and regents will be working together unlike ever before. >> i think all of us recognize financial model is broken. it's just broken. we're going have to be creative. work around it. preserving research, quality, access for the students. >> this is a collective body
:07. a deadly high speed crash in san francisco right outside of a liquor store is still the focus of a police investigation and the arrest of the driver was all caught on video. this happened yesterday morning. you see the police officers have guns drawn. moving in on the unidentified suspects car. the suspect was arrested. he's being treated for minor injuries police also say they found a gun inside the car. minutes before the arrest though the driver crashed into a white toyota at 21st and south vaness. sending it flying through a liquor store. police say this all started with an earlier report of shots fired from a car at a nearby public housing complex. police later pulled over the driver but the driver sped away. >> as officers approached the vehicle, the vehicle took off at a high rate of speed and ran through the next two intersections colliding with the white vehicle. >> now a 26-year-old pedestrian who was just walking into that liquor store died at the scene after being hit by the car. there were two people in the toyota. passenger, a woman in her 20s died there at the scene. the dr
yesterday. 45 currently in downtown san francisco san jose is coming in at 37 degrees. your satellite and radar we are clear for the most part. we do not have too much in the way of cloud cover. we do have more more to contend with. fog is starting to form an hour north bay and east bay valleys. rain could start as early as tomorrow afternoon. >> futurecast 4 4:03 p.m. shows the lane approaching the bay area as we set the clock into motion you can see this is the bay area where i am circling. by 6:00 p.m. we could see widespread rain. yellow and orange on your screen indicates moderate to heavy rain piffling will continue to push through sunday morning with scattered showers on the back end. we do have some moisture that will impact us throughout sunday. a lot of clouds associated with the system. maybe a quarter of an inch to a half an inch of rain. your afternoon highs for today 58 for santa rosa. warmer than yesterday's 60 expected in oakland. >> your kron 4 7 day around the bay forecast shows mild conditions for today in the first half of tomorrow. again we have rain on the rising
the mayors of san jose, san francisco and oakland, who are already at the capitol for the u-s conference of mayors. they're all extending their stay to witness president obama take the oath of office. and as we mentioned, kron four will carry tomorrow's public ceremony live. its scheduled to start at 8- 30 monday morning. and we'll also have the inaugural parade live on our 24-7 bay area news channel - starting at 10-35. a developing story out of the east bay this morning. where there's been a fatal shooting outside the bayfair bart station in san leandro. police say a 40-year old man was killed. and a woman was also hit by gunfire saturday afternoon. authorities expect the woman to recover. the attack happened in broad daylight, and authorities want to reassure transit riders about their safety. >> we are always concerned whether or not anny shooting happens, on bart property or not. this is not a typical occurrence. >> police have detained one suspect in the shooting. they're also reviewing interviewing witnesses. >> now to the big showdown between the niners and the kickoff is at noon
city, same think. it will be close for menlo park and redwood city and san francisco. not much of a change. but other than that, it's a dry forecast. >>> there's shock and confusion this morning at notre dame. a football star bound for the nfl says he was duped by an elaborate hoax. mike tobin is live at the fox news bureau in chicago. it's about a made-up girlfriend from stanford university. mike? >> reporter: whether it's a convoluted scam or prank or a convoluted attack on promotion, somebody is laying on the blarney. the only thing that's clear at this station of the game, the director with the fighting irish is standing behind the linebacker. >> this was a very elaborate, very sophisticated hoax, perpetrated for reasons we can't fully understand. >> reporter: now, however, during the course of the season you could see manti te'o pointing fingers to the heavens, one for his grandmother, one for his girlfriend, that never exited. he said he would see them again, his grandmother and lennay kekua, the pretend girlfriend. they did not meet at stanford in 2009. the news organiza
-- >> a state lawmaker from san francisco is proposing a homeless bill of rights. it basically -- the idea is to protect the civil rights of homeless people. >> statewide recommendations at a uniform plan in every california city where homeless people can get health care and find a clean bathroom or a place to stay. >> we are not going to usurp any local community's local laws about it but like to provide direction for how to alleviate homelessness. >> the goal is to help the homelessness rather than criminalize them. would also include free legal representation. >>> new this morning, a shooting in san bruno puts a teenaged girl in the hospital. it happened just before 10:30 last night near the intersection of santa teresa way and park boulevard next to cappuccino high school. the san mateo county sheriff's office says the girl who was shot was 16 years old from south san francisco. right now in stable condition. no arrests have been made. >>> across the nation, several gun shows within an hour's drive from where gunman opened fire at an elementary school in connecticut have been cancelled
typical winter weather. a ktvu photographer found a lot of people on market street in san francisco had heard the forecast, ander prepared for the rain. others though, had to improvise. this was the first significant rain in almost two weeks. slick roads apparently played a role in other accidents around the bay area today. one driver had to be taken to the hospital, but the other driver walked away. the highway patrol said it responded to 33 incidents just between noon and 3:00 p.m. today. >>> as frank points out, the roadways kind of a mess. this light rain falling on the afternoon commute, or the bulk of it. you see showers still occurring out there right now. coming in close, you can see the showers mainly up in the north bay. we go into san francisco, you got light scattered showers right now. on market street. scattered showers in san mateo. east 3rd avenue. just light, nothing big. then you head towards san jose, and you've got sprinkles down there as well. you think it was a lot. the north bay did see significant rainfall to the tune of about .3, or .4 of an inch up here. that's
of the suspects rented a car in l.a. and drove to it san francisco. and that the video shows a driver on grove street meeting the girl's father and nephew, who drove up in another car. the complaint says they drove to bay view and waited for snead and when he arrived guilton shot him in the head. >> i know all of them. and it just don't make no sense to me. i don't think any of them had anything to do with this, this just sounds ridiculous to me. >> there are ironies in this case. a source tells abc 7 news that two of the defendants are associated with a street gang called cdp involved, among other things nrk prostitution. the hearing is expected to continue tomorrow. at 6:00 tonight you'll hear from the district attorney. >> vic, thank you. a 16-year-old boy sentenced to 25 years for killing his adoptive parents. he told police he killed then them in january by using a choke hold learned in marshal arts class. dayman added he'd been suspended from school for smoking marijuana and did not want to deal with his parents being angry with him. >> county sheriff department investigators say a deput
bones in the basement of a san francisco house near the spot kevin disappeared from in 1984. now, after all these years she may finally find out what happened to kevin collins. the sixth born of her eight children. >> intellectually, i'm sure he's gone from the very beginning. but emotionally i don't want it to be. >> reporter: an erie connection that turns out macayla and kevin shared the same birthday. and what it's like to weigh the analysis of bones that might be their children. >> i said to her, your probably one of the few people that really knows how i feel. >> reporter: ann collins, a grandmother, divorced in '72 says she finds comfort in her faith and family. and believes that one day she and kevin will again be together. >> hoping that i'll be in heaven, and i think he'll be the first one that greets me. hi mom. >>> new at 10:00, the california highway patrol says its officers will continue patrolling oakland streets for another 30 days. the chp had freed to help oakland police. but that deal was set to expire on friday. whether the chp will be paid going forward is another ma
in the bay area now, 6:09, san francisco police are taking a new look at a cold case that involved a child who disappeared nearly 30 years ago. the renewed search sent officers to the haight-ashbury neighborhood. they are searching around a house on masonic avenue near page street there. and cbs 5 reporter anne makovec is on the scene with what neighbors remember about the time kevin collins went missing. >> reporter: good morning. there were some bones found in the duplex behind me. they are animal bones but further analysis is necessary. 10-year-old kevin collins was seen a block from here on the way home from school in 1984. witnesses say he was pushed into a car with two teenagers. police aren't saying why they have renewed their search for kevin but we do know cadaver dogs found bones under the concrete floor of the garage in the duplex. police say a man who lived in the house at the time matched the description of a man seen talking to kevin. that person has since died. but we spoke to a neighbor who knew the two men who lived here back in '84. >
to make sure the excitement doesn't get out of hand. san francisco is glowing with 49er pride ahead of tomorrow's big playoff game against the packers. gop game time candlestick will be swarming with people and police. more officers that are usually at home games. sfpd will have officers on bikes and motorcycles for traffic control and an undercover element. >> we will also have our plain clothed officers out there, and they will be wearing, yes, both the green bay packer jersey and also the 49er jerseys as well. >> with the new year came a new state law requiring all major league sports stadiums to post phone numbers fans can use to call security. something candlestick has been doing for awhile. >> if a fancies somebody or if somebody is acting unruly, they can text us anonymously. that will be post eds throughout candlestick. >> hopefully it will be a good time for all. they have had positive things to say about san francisco. >> it is a fun city to be in. >> these friends just flew in from alberta. that's canada, eh? this fan is also from canada. >> we have been here a half an ho
compare to what we are dealing with yesterday. >> san francisco 59. 57 in san raphael. lows 60s for richmond concord. 61 in hayward. 62 in san jose. >> satellite and radar shows some of the rotation moisture spinning its way north into the bay area. that will continue throughout the day however, the unsettled weather will start to diminish by later tonight. >> i do not think we will see any rain for the evening hours. as we take it to future cast 4 by a.m. light rain for the coast line in the mid peninsula. >> a lot of cloud cover lingering but not much moisture. >> 10:00 a.m. light rain for napa, vallejo, along the delta. >> not much later this afternoon by 1:00 p.m. we're not picking up much. >> the cloud cover and cool weather will stick around but not much rain into the evening hours. >> we may see it as we head into the weekend. saturday and sunday a series of systems dropping from the gulf of alaska will bring cold showers to our area. >> not a lot of moisture associated with them but a chance for instability because he scattered showers with that. >> keep an umbrella hand
to the weather and the freezing cold. in san francisco, people were bundled up. the temperatures continue to fall. here's a live look over san jose tonight. if you thought it was cold this morning, it is about to get colder. let's bring in rob mayeda. >> it's already down to 29 degrees in fairfield, so 7 to 8 hours below freezing. 35 in livermore, 37 in san jose. and all locations, bay area wide running a few degrees cooler than this time last night. we had a few extra clouds last night around 9:00. we have a frost advisory for the inner bay. freeze warnings from san jose southward to morgan hill through the tri-valley and north bay, upper 20s to mid thirds tomorrow morning. this was this morning we saw low 30s. but tomorrow morning, coldest places in the north bay out towards the delta and east bay, talki inin ining mid 20s to sta your sunday. diane? >> thanks, rob. >>> police are under pressure to track down four killers after four people were shot to death in the span of a few hours yesterday afternoon in oakland. the shootings happened from west to east oakland, and all took place within a ti
likely would not have survived a day in the cold. >>> san francisco unified school district will receive a boost to its budget thanks to the rainy day fund. the mayor has released $1.5 million to help with this year's school budget. it is to access the $30 million account they need to match certain criteria such as facing significant teacher layoffs. they have taken $8 million from that account this school year. >>> coming up next, the battle in washington over gun control. what president obama is expected to propose tomorrow. >> i think we have done in uh while. >> facebook has another trick up their sleeve. >> and riding giant. mavericks is on the calendar, but will the waves cooperate? >> and then later on jimmy kimmle live -- >> it is big boy bryce harper and rob lowe is here too. >> this is amazing. >> it is like you are right here in front of me, jimmy. >> i am right here in front of you. >> jimmy jimmy kimmle live start >>> president obama is expected to unveil his plan to combat gun violence. a bay area congresswoman has an idea of what he will introduce and so does the nra which
than 20 years. data quick says san francisco bay area home prices were up 32% year over year in december. that uncrease is the highest since data quick began tracking the market in 1988. the median paid price for a home in the bay area, climbed to a little more than $442,000, compared to $335,000 in december of 2011. data quick says much of the increase is the result of fewer foreclosed homes. >>> ebay's 4th quarter earnings beat expectations, thanks to shopperring turning to the site for holiday bargains. investors responded by boosting ebay stock 7% in after hours trading. ebay says it experienced its best year ever since the site was founded in 1995. >>> on wall street, the dow industrials fell 23 points today, but a rebound in apple stock helped the nasdaq move slightly higher. it gained 6 points. >>> the faa followed japan's lead today, and grounded boeing's problem plagued dreamliner. the newest, and most technically advanced jet on the planet. the 787 made its debut just last friday, and flights today were canceled. >> reporter: it was just this week that san jose beca
this morning to excellent the body. >> a federal judge appears ready to allow san francisco's public nudity ban to go into effect on february thfirst period of public nudit activistnudity acts filed a federal lawsuit hoping to overturn the new law. they argue that the government ordered covered up of violates their first amendment right to express their political views. a u.s. district court judge said yesterday that it takes more than simply this morning in public to make a political statement. >> in an interview with oprah winfrey, lance armstrong comes clean about doping. the seventh time " to tour de france " wenner says that he used a variety of performance enhancing drugs to when those titles. armstrong refuse to answer when oprah winfrey asked him if betsy andreu, the wife of armstrong's former teammate frankie andreu, was telling the truth when she said that in 1996, she overheard him telling a doctor treating him for cancer that he was doping. he also limited to being a bully. >> armstrong has been stripped of his tour de france titles and the olympic medal that he won in 2000. he is a
.m.. the purple indicates the frost adviser for the rest of the san francisco bay. temperatures will be in the upper twenties to around freezing for the next several hours. i see wind chills at the possibility as well as black eyes.ice. temperatures will start tomorrow as we approached the afternoon highs. >> 36 in oakland. 29 in fairfield. 29 in santa rosa. lower '30's for vallejo and napa. through the course of today future cast 4 predicts 8:00 a.m. the purple on your screen indicates '30's for the most part. we will hold on to the '40's were san francisco, hayward, and parts of the coastline. 12:00 p.m. it looks like a lot of locations climb into the 50s. in to the afternoon highs on the light blue indicates most of us in the '50s. temperatures will be a couple of degrees warmer compared to yesterday's. >> napa 54 degrees. the same for vallejo. livermore at 53. san jose could get up to 57. 55 in sunnyvale. satellite and radar shows high-pressure and control not dealing with any clouds cover. the storm track will be guided to our north. originally we talk about spin off the no
trombones and trumpets as they play saz jazz music in the even. for the san francisco 49ers, they're hoping to have a big party on sunday but it all started earlier this evening. wheels touched down at 7:45 local time and then jim harbaugh and company made their way t to the team hotel. it was there at the team media availability that coach harbaugh set the tone for the week. >> glad to see everybody. we're super excited to be here. unchartered waters for a rookie super bowl coach. but that's exciting, too. we have a great, great thrill and great desire of being in unchartered waters. our coaches and our players have always -- always relished that, thrived in that kind of environment. >> i think if you're prepared for a situation, you're going to be confident when you go out to try to win a football game or whatever you're doing, if you're prepared for it, you're going to be confident. head down, keep working. this isn't a time to relax and get out of your routine or stop working hard. this is when you should be working your hardest. >> dashon goldson had a quote that says pressure under pr
's a convicted felon and back in jail. >> san francisco muni ran up the city's biggest overtichl tab, over $18 million beyond overtime budget. >> a sizeable chunk twont employees working at night on rcdv)m1)aill vehicles inside tu. one worker made 163,000s ndz extra pay on top of $106,000 base pay. >> bad budgeting or bad planning. but... yae. i think i can drive a train, too. so maybe i'll look for a job. >> it's a specialized job. only a certain amount of people can do that that. is where overtime racks up as far as individuals on the system, control systems. >> muni managers say they're training more workers in order to reduce td need for overtime. >> may have been chilly in san francisco. but that didn't stop activists from stripping down in front of city hall protesting a new nudity ban. a hearing set for thursday to determine if the law violates rights of nudists. >> cold day like today, that is commitment right there. the flu outbreak prompting lots of people in the bay area to get shots. officials in kaiser say the increase in demand is caution some spot shortages of vaccine at their f
the bay, of marin county man is in custody after police say he forced his way into a san francisco a woman s apartment and assault her. >> officers arrested 25 year 0 jovan jones saturday after they were called to the womans telegraph hill apartment by a neighbor. >> jones tried to escape by jumping off a balcony. he was taken into custody and booked on suspicion of rape, burglary, robbery and other charges. >> to santa rosa brothers are in custody after fire an assault rifle at a home when there were thrown out of a party. >> the shooting was reported shortly before two yesterday morning on lutztown court. >> police say it tan jeep drove into the area of firing at the house and then collided with a parked car. >> witnesses told police that the two were involved in a fight after the party and as a lead only to return to minutes later with an assault rifle. >> police later located the vehicle and traced it to the apple valley light a parking complex and arrested alexis rueda and his brother eduardo rueda . >> the assault rifle was later found in a nearby shed. >> new informations is surfaci
of the year. >> san francisco woman spreading the word about a terrifying ordeal that happened when receives walking home alone in the mission district this weekend. she managed to fight off an attacker but police are concerned he will strike again. lillian is live in the mission for with us the story. lillian? >>reporter: the woman was walking on the sidewalk across the street when the man attacked her. fortunately this is a residential block so neighbors were able to hear her cry for help. >> my girlfriend heard somebody scream. woke me up i came to the window heard someone yells called the police or call 911. >>reporter: antonio says it was around 2:30 sunday morning when woman was assaulted just if you feet from his house. he says he only saw her attack frer behind as he was running away. apparently scared off by neighbors opening their windo windows. he was last seen running east on 23rd street towards virginia lens yaichlt jogging then printed no. way i could catch hill. i thought for a moment go get him but he was gone. >>reporter: victim walking home alicense when the ma
for the victim or the suspect. this is fremont first murder of the year. >> san francisco woman spreading the word about a terrifying ordeal that happened when receives walking home alone in the mission district this weekend. she managed to fight off an attacker but police are concerned he will strike again. lillian is live in the mission for with us the story. lillian? >>reporter: the woman was walking on the sidewalk across the street when the man attacked her. fortunately this is a residential block so neighbors were able to hear her cry for help. >> my girlfriend heard somebody scream. woke me up i came to the window heard someone yells called the police or call 911. >>reporter: antonio says it was around 2:30 sunday morning when woman was assaulted just if you feet from his house. he says he only saw her attack frer behind as he was running away. apparently scared off by neighbors opening their windo windows. he was last seen running east on 23rd street towards virginia lens yaichlt jogging then printed no. way i could catch hill. i thought for a moment go get him but he
warmup. 45 in santa rosa, 52 in san francisco, so yeah, we are mild, you can see that cold air is going to move through today and tomorrow. we are expecting a slight shower for tomorrow but look what happens as we head towards monday and tuesday, a warming trend kicks in, that's where we're expecting to stick around all next week so for today a little bit cool, topping out to the mid to upper 50s. 57 in livermore and that's going to be as high as we get today and once we have the afternoon hours we're talking about temperatures falling so even though we're expecting mid-50s today by 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, it will be breezy and a little chilly. >> we'll come in early. thank you very much, anthony. >>> a police officer continues to recover this morning after he was shot by a suspect in oakland. that officer was one of two responding to a two-car crash when they heard gunshots near the intersection of 49th avenue and east 12th street. this all happened right around 6:00 last night. police say the officers found a man with a gun and that man began to fire at them hitting one officer. the other o
from their homes in san francisco fire this week and are still struggling. >> the fire happened in the mission district and this is the rubble left from the fire. >> 40 people including four children or forced to evacuate the building at a meeting last night, several different agencies gathered in the mission to connect those impacted with the city's services, including our friend in temporary housing as well as close. >> the fire caused more than $815,000 in damage. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. >> the national parks service wants to put into burning christmas trees on ocean beach. >> park rangers will be increasing their patrols and will cite anyone tried to burn a christmas tree on the beach. >> the fine for burning start at $125. >> the parks department was to remind san francis residence that the trichologrecp;pgj picks up old christmas trees on free on scheduled tri-statrash basedays >> we will be right back ♪ ♪ i'm halfway to your heart ♪ you have to let me know ♪ so i don't make my worst mistake ♪ ♪ turn around and let you go [ female an
and public murals in san francisco and in santa clara. they say this one has taken them about a day and a half to finish. that's pretty fast work. who's got it better than us? >> nobody! >> that is right. nbc bay area will have live reports from new orleans all day long. you can also stay up to date on all the good stuff happening on nbcbayarea.com. and tomorrow, be sure to join us, the big man live at the ferry building. al roker, that's right. looking and feeling good. having the 49er fans up there to join us. come on out starting at 4:30 a.m. you can be on the "today" show starting at 3:30 a.m. our time. >> i love that he was giving out love to us on the "today" show, talking about nbc bay area. >> he's on a roll after the inauguration last week. al roker got love from big barack obama and the v.p. >> the v.p. joe. now giving it to us. >> i get to go out there and rub elbows with him. i know you've interviewed him before. >> al's a good dude. >> the executives here at nbc bay area are a little concerned for good reason. 11:08. a good-looking day shaping up. a beautiful shot to sh
with the strong offshore flow. san francisco at 69 and same for oakland and san jose at 68. there is one word of caution, there is a high surf advisory this weekend so with the warm temperatures you may be tempted to get out to the beach. definitely avoid prolonged periods of turning your back on the beach. we're expecting swells, chris, up to 20 to 30 feet. the mavericks are taking place tomorrow so if you are going to be spectating, use extreme caution and remember the swells can come 20 to 30 seconds and this means that a lot of that pullback into the ocean you may just think it's over but once the waves come back it's very strong. >> don't turn your back, watch over the kids and the pets. thank you, anthony. >>> to a developing story involving the 49ers, the investigation continues this morning into an alleged sexual assault involving star wide receiver michael crabtree. the 25-year-old is now in atlanta preparing for tomorrow's big game against the falcons but closer to home, san francisco police say they interviewed michael crabtree along with his attorney about the alleged attack at a
, something to note for the weekend, you get about a half-inch of rain for san francisco, and rain down to l.a., as well. >> my first twitter photo comes from wisconsin. it is a sun pillar. that's an actual thing. i just taught you something, dan. i know i see your face, a little eyebrow raised there. >> what is that? >> it's light from the sun. a sun pillar. >> i'll stop asking questions now. >> and this one from california, too. if i could say jeez o. pete, and bring in my midwest vernacular, as you said, i could say y'all. >> we appreciate it. >>> moving on. emotional night at the cotton bowl between oklahoma and texas a&m. despite losing, it was a magnificent finish for one of the sooners players who has inspired everybody, beating cancer while never missing a game this season, even as he went through chemotherapy treatments. ron is back with that story. this is a great story. >> it really is, dan. big-time college football is hard enough. imagine practicing and playing for months. and doing well in the classroom to be named an academic all-american, all the while battling cancer. that's
in livermore today. 66 degrees beautiful conditions persist in san francisco. we'll hold onto that for your friday and then temperatures come down just a touch as we head into super bowl weekend. >>> and that's your latest weather. matt. >> al, thank you very much. still ahead, more from the self-confessed mather mind from the manti te'o girlfriend hoax. >>> then a look at the crackdown to get fake nfl gear off the market. right after this. vacation is a precious thing. so this year, make the most of it. fly like you've never been grounded. scream like you've never been shushed. let go like you have nothing to lose. and hold on to what matters most. it's your vacation. don't just take it. mean it. universal orlando. vacation like you mean it. of philadelphia cream cheese. it always begins with fresh, local milk, blended with real wholesome cream. going fresh from the farm, to our fridge, in just six days. when it comes to fresh taste, philadelphia sets the standard. [ announcer ] to do a job well,m the farm, to you need the right tools. days. so if you're filing your taxes online, choose h&
baseball's steroid era are rejected in the hall of fame voting for the first time. former san francisco giants slugger barry bonds didn't even come close to being voted in on the first ballot. only 36% of the baseball writers in america who voted said that bonds belongs in the hall. that is far short of the 75% required. roger clemens got 37%. sammy sosa got 12%. >> everyone is weighing in on this on facebook and twitter. i have been following it. >> it was all the buzz yesterday. >> oh, i know. everyone has an opinion about it. >> i think eventually they will get in. but first of all, a lot of first -- it takes a while to get in. a lot of guys don't get in on the first round. i think they will be punished for at least 10 years. >>> 5:15. let's check the roads. >> let's do that, gianna. take it away. >> thank you very much. yeah, if you are headed towards the bay bridge this morning, a wind advisory is in effect. no accidents or stalled vehicles. but it is a bit gusty so use caution. chp didn't indicate when they will cancel that. heads up. ev
with some bay area headlines now. >>> san francisco police are not saying why they have reopened a cold case. they are searching out a property on masonic avenue near where 10-year-old kevin collins disappeared in 1984. >>> this afternoon, san francisco mayor ed lee will walk through the mission district to push for a peaceful super bowl sunday. the police and fire chiefs will join the mayor's campaign against heavy drinking. >>> and santa clara is sending four members of its police department do the super bowl. their assignment to learn whatever they can about crowd control for the new orleans -- from the new orleans police department. it's busy there now. >> we have traffic and weather for your wednesday coming up after the break. >>> good morning. let's go to chopper 5. live over the scene of this fatal accident eastbound 580 at greenville. you can see the vehicle is still stuck in the center divide there. they have set closed two left lanes for the investigation. you can see traffic is backed up in both directions. elsewhere, we'll take you live
and south san francisco and obviously to sfo moving south to north with the best radar returns over the ocean. i have light rain in the forecast headed from mid-morning to mid-afternoon and mid-40's to low 50's and >>> now i get a phone call on december 6th, saying that she's alive, and that i'm going to be put on national tv two days later. and they asked me the same question. what would you do? >> manti te'o sitting down with katie couric. right there, first time on camera. exclusively with katie. now more famous for the girlfriend that never existed than all of his exploits on the football field for notre dame. >> a lot of people looking forward to what he has to say. >>> also, was beyonce singing live or not? how the lip-sync controversy that is heating up right now could potentially affect her superstar career. >> people waiting for answers there. >>> and then we're going very, very up close and personal with tigers, like you have never seen them before. why their keepers went to such extremes. you you will not believe this video. >>> and this may be the best source of morning
there. we do have fog settling into san francisco and san francisco bay. keep that in mind and travel cautiously. 57 degrees in livermore. 58 degrees in fremont. right around 59 degrees in places like redwood city as we get into tomorrow holding onto upper 50s and then 60s arrive on wednesday. >> and that's your latest weather. savannah? >> al, thank you. >>> sarah palin says the door is wide open when it comes to her long-term plans after parting ways from fox news. does the former vice presidential candidate already have her next move mapped out? kelly o'donnell takes a look at that for us. >> good morning. sarah palin has people guessing this morning again. it's not about will she or won't she run for office, but what will she do next? after a breakup that seemed unlikely between the conservaticonservformer governor and her conservative home at fox. in the four years and five months since sarah palin jolted the political world, she konked out at an unusual space, at the corner of politics -- >> only dead fish go with the flow. >> reporter: celebrity and pop culture. >> the only pol
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